Our Story

 Our Story: A Legacy of Elegance and Craftsmanship Since 1989

Welcome to our family's cherished realm of luxury and timeless beauty. Our journey began in 1989, when a visionary entrepreneur, Durgesh Kotai, took his first steps towards creating an empire of exquisite jewelry and watches. At a very young age, he was determined to make the lives of everyone better. He left his native India without any assistance and immigrated to the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, to seek better opportunities for him and his family. He started working in the fine jewelry and watch industry in the city of Montego Bay but always aspired to open his own business. A few years later, work opportunities brought him to the small town of Ocho Rios. What began as a humble aspiration soon blossomed into an iconic legacy that has been passed down through generations.

 Evolution and Innovation

Hard work and determination have led to multiple Goldmine locations within the Caribbean: 2 locations in Jamaica (Ocho Rios & our flagship storefront in Falmouth) and 2 locations in St. Kitts & Nevis, one of them being at the iconic, world renowned Four Seasons Resort in Nevis. The growth of our business has also led to the acquisition of many Fine Jewelry brands, such as Mark Henry, Simon G, Hearts on Fire, TrueLove Blue Diamonds, John Hardy & more. We have also acquired many Swiss Watch Horology brands such as Breitling, Franck Muller, Hublot and Zenith.

We are proud to be the second generation of Goldmine. Although much has changed, our basic philosophy has not. We strive to continue our family traditions and push the envelope: to provide the best quality, products, customer service and values to you. We source high quality brands and hand pick the best of the best merchandise to offer in our stores.

We invite you to be part of our journey. Each piece we offer carries with it not only our expertise but also our heartfelt dedication to crafting beauty that lasts a lifetime. We're honored to share in your moments of joy, and we're excited to help you create memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

With gratitude and love,

The Kotai Family